Prior to forming Dene North Site Services as a partnership with North American Enterprise Limited, the company was a 100% local and aboriginally owned and operated company. Today, our roots continue to run deep through the numerous First Nations communities.

Dene North supports the fabric and future of the communities in which we work. An important part of that commitment is creating opportunities for the men and women who share our vision. Towards that end, Dene North maintains a comprehensive employment program that seeks to hire and train local Aboriginal personnel, subcontractors and management.

Our record of success in this area is a source of pride and continues to grow as we recruit and train key personnel from local communities. Dene North invests in these individuals through a broad range of training, apprenticeship and mentoring programs. That way, as we continue to tackle larger and more complex projects, we have the highly trained professionals we need to enable us to provide the uncompromising level of service and performance our clients have come to expect.

Here are a few ways that Dene North helps enable First Nation employment:

  • Investment and involvement within the Aboriginal Community (e.g. Northern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association).
  • Fostering and maintaining relations with Employment Service Officers working for various Tribal or Band Council offices.
  • Posting and distribution of job advertisements to various First Nation communities.
  • Facilitation of specialized training programs to enable employment.
  • Maintaining communication channels with respective Councils and Bands regarding potential employment opportunities for First Nation people.

With access to one of the largest and most comprehensive equipment fleets in Western Canada, Dene North Site Services is ready to tackle any challenge.